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Prized Greek Caviar!

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Botargo is a delicacy produced mainly in the Mediterranean area and in Japan (where it is known as Karasumi). Greek botargo (Avgotaraho) differs from others in that it is preserved using beeswax. It is not tradition alone that made us prefer this to other preserving methods – for example, vacuum packaging. We are concerned primarily with maintaining the true taste thus we avoid any contact with synthetic products such as plastic. Our botargo is a genuine natural product free of any artificial additives or preservatives. We pay great attention to all the ingredients used. The product consists of mullet roe, our local fleur de sel and pure beeswax from Aitolia. The mullet we use is caught in the wild and not farmed fish (The only reason why we cannot use the organic logo which is used for farmed fish whose food can be traced back). The fleur de sel used comes from the lagoon of Messolonghi, a prominent wetlands ecosystem protected under the Ramsar Convention. The beeswax is also a totally natural product. It is free from paraffins and comes from the Arakynthos Mountains, a natural conservation area in the region of Aitolia, Greece.


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